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Custom Restaurant Booking System

    Our main goal for that lesson was to create an online reservation system for a restaurant. The application is going to have two roles, the role of administrator – employee and customer. Each role is going to have different rights. Below you can see the basic permissions per role but also some more functions that I added to both roles:

    Employee Rights

    1. Set the number of tables in the restaurant.
    2. Available seats per restaurant table.
    3. Days and hours where the restaurant will be open.
    4. Be able to see customers reservations at any time for any date he wants.
    5. Be able to book for a customer (including date and time)
    6. To be able to see in addition to customer reservations and the corresponding reserved tables.
    7. Processing of personal data of the employee
    8. Edit reservations in order to be able to change the details of a reservation or even cancel it
    9. Add a new customer
    10. Print a reservation

    Customer Rights

    1. To be able to register in the system from a registration form.
    2. Be able to access the system from a login form.
    3. They will be able to see their previous visits to the restaurant.
    4. To submit a reservation request and this should be done automatically after the relevant checks or to submit a reservation request and wait for approval from the administrator.
    5. Processing of personal data such as contact phone, email etc.
    6. Processing of customer reservations, where any change is first checked before validation.
    7. Print a reservation