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    This website was created in a final exam we had at faculty, in the php course. So I thought it was my chance to combine all the languages ​​I knew and make a complete blog site with all the code at hand.

    Languages ​​used

    1. Html
    2. Css
    3. Javascript
    4. Bootstrap
    5. PHP
    6. MySql


    Other Programs:

    1. Photoshop


    The website allows the user to create their own article on the page “Make your own article” and as soon as the administrator of the blog sees it and checks it, then this is published on the site. This of course means that I have made a page for the administrator where I can see how many views each page has but also how many views each article has separately. Also from there I approve the articles and the comments of the users so that they are published. So from the administrator’s page I see the articles, I process them and generally b Euros do everything just like a CMS!
    It goes without saying that the page I connect to the administrator panel has security valves.