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Proctorio sued for using DMCA to take down a student's critical tweets

EFF accuses Proctori...

EFF accuses Proctorio of "attacking people who speak out" about the controversial proctoring software.

Source: TechCrunch - Zack Whittaker

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 04:30:48

To ensure inclusivity, the Biden administration must double down on AI development initiatives

The Biden administra...

The Biden administration must clarify current laws pertaining to AI and machine learning models — how we will evaluate use by private actors and how we will govern AI usage within our systems.

Source: TechCrunch - Miriam Vogel

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 04:20:23

Customer Care as a Service: outsourcing can help your startup wow clients 24/7

When should you cons...

When should you consider outsourcing customer care, and what should you look for? Here's an overview on how startups are leveraging Customer Care as a Service (CCaaS).

Source: TechCrunch - Anna Heim

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 04:15:53

E-commerce tracking platform AfterShip raises $66M led by Tiger Global

AfterShip launched i...

AfterShip launched in 2012 to help online sellers track packages across different carriers, but since then it has built a suite of data analytics tools covering almost every step of the shopping experience, from email marketing to customer retention. The Hong…

Source: TechCrunch - Catherine Shu

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 04:00:55

Google's Anthos multi-cloud platform gets improved logging, Windows container support and more

Google today announc...

Google today announced a sizable update to its Anthos multi-cloud platform that lets you build, deploy and manage containerized applications anywhere, including on Amazon’s AWS and (in preview) and Microsoft Azure. Version 1.7 includes new features like impro…

Source: TechCrunch - Frederic Lardinois

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 04:00:52

Universal Hydrogen raises $20.5M Series A to help launch hydrogen aviation

The race to decarbon...

The race to decarbonize aviation got a boost this Earth Day with the announcement of a $20.5 million Series A round by Universal Hydrogen, a San Francisco-based startup aiming to develop hydrogen storage solutions and conversion kits for commercial aircraft. …

Source: TechCrunch - Mark Harris

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 04:00:19

SOSV's burgeoning climate portfolio is worth nearly $6 billion as planetary health bets pay off

The burgeoning clima...

The burgeoning climate focused portfolio from early stage investor SOSV Investments has managed to raise nearly $2 billion in follow on financing since the startup companies graduated from the investment firm’s various accelerator programs. Taken together tho…

Source: TechCrunch - Jonathan Shieber

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 03:54:24

PicPay, the Brazilian mobile payments platform, files for an IPO on Nasdaq

Brazilian mobile pay...

Brazilian mobile payments app PicPay filed an F-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an IPO valued at up to $100 million on Wednesday. The company plans to list on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol PICS. PicPay operates largely as a financ…

Source: TechCrunch - Marcella McCarthy

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 03:44:16

Purple iPhone purple iPhone purple iPhone purple iPhone Purple iPhone

With the spring come...

With the spring comes color from Apple. The new iMacs are offered in 7 different shades including a nice deep purple. As a refresh to the lineup, Apple has also released an iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in a purple hue as well. I have a preview unit in hand to…

Source: TechCrunch - Matthew Panzarino

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 03:26:29

WhizzCo helps publishers maximize their content recommendation revenue

Israeli startup Whiz...

Israeli startup WhizzCo says it’s time for publishers to take the programmatic, auction-based approach to the ads in content recommendation widgets like Outbrain and Taboola. After all, publishers regular employ this approach for most of the ads on their webs…

Source: TechCrunch - Anthony Ha

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 03:13:24


Sony confirms it’s ‘testing’ PlayStation Plus Video Pass in Poland - Video Games Chronicle

Polish users have ac...

Polish users have access to video content from today; no news on other markets yet…

Source: Video Games Chronicle - Andy Robinson

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 01:17:36

Immortals Fenyx Rising's 'The Lost Gods' DLC Adds New Top-Down Gameplay, Out Today - Nintendo Life

The game

The game's last story DLC

Source: Nintendo Life - Nintendo Life

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 12:30:00

Mini-PC review: The Ryzen 5 Pro 2500U-powered Minisforum UM250 - Ars Technica

Ryzen 5, 16GiB RAM, ...

Ryzen 5, 16GiB RAM, 256GB SSD, dual Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6, and more for under $500.

Source: Ars Technica - Jim Salter

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 11:20:04

Garmin’s 2 new smartwatches want to make the casual athlete more advanced - Ars Technica

The Venu 2 and 2S po...

The Venu 2 and 2S polish up Garmin's smartwatch UI and introduce new tracking features for the company.

Source: Ars Technica - Corey Gaskin

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 11:00:00

The Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack Launches Today, New Trailer - Nintendo Life

All three

All three 'Mysterious' games in one bundle

Source: Nintendo Life - Nintendo Life

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 10:30:00

New Cervélo R6 Disc spotted? Primož Roglič riding unreleased bike with hidden cables at La Flèche Wallonne - BikeRadar.com

Cervélo remains tig...

Cervélo remains tight lipped for now

Source: BikeRadar.com - Simon Bromley

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 10:20:11

New Touch ID Magic Keyboards work with all M1 Macs, not just the iMac - The Verge

The Touch ID feature...

The Touch ID feature in Apple’s new Magic Keyboard works with the company’s previous M1 Macs. But the keyboard is only sold with the new iMac, and Touch ID won’t work with any Intel-based machines.

Source: The Verge - Jon Porter

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 10:10:57

The OnePlus Watch's first software update isn't what we hoped for - Android Police

When OnePlus unveile...

When OnePlus unveiled its first smartwatch, it sounded like it would offer great value at an affordable price, just like most of the brand's products.

Source: Android Police -

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 10:09:00

Father, 48, builds his son, four, a mini version of his blue Land Rover - Daily Mail

Richard Yeomans, 48,...

Richard Yeomans, 48, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, spent the first national lockdown doing up his own vehicle, and decided to spend the second one creating the mini vehicle for Sydney, 4.

Source: Daily Mail - Kate Dennett

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:58:24

Jim Ryan says PlayStation has been ‘quietly investing’ in PS5 exclusives - Video Games Chronicle

SIE boss claims the ...

SIE boss claims the PS5 generation will have ‘more exclusives than ever before’…

Source: Video Games Chronicle - Tom Ivan

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:49:17

Apple Ramping Up M1 Production as New 12.9-inch iPad Pro Expected to Reach Five Million Shipments in 2021 - MacRumors

Apple is seemingly e...

Apple is seemingly expecting high demand for its new M1-powered iPad Pro as the company has asked its main chip supplier, TSMC, to ramp up production...

Source: MacRumors - Sami Fathi

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:19:00

Signal hacked Cellebrite's phone hacking software used by law enforcement | Engadget - Engadget

After the cellphone ...

After the cellphone hacking company Cellebrite said it had figured out a way to access the secure messaging app Signal, Signal said that it's turning the tables.

Source: Engadget - https://www.engadget.com/about/editors/steve-dent

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:11:15

New Android 12 developer preview launched, and packed full of features - TechRadar

A new app launch exp...

A new app launch experience and better haptics

Source: TechRadar - James Rogerson

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:06:14

This Bluetooth speaker sports a Flubber-like ferrofluid that dances to your tunes - TechRadar

A real-life Winamp v...

A real-life Winamp visualizer for your music

Source: TechRadar - Olivia Tambini

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:05:29

OnePlus 9R review: OnePlus 8T, take two - Android Authority

Alright doesn’t cu...

Alright doesn’t cut it anymore.

Source: Android Authority -

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 09:00:03

The Spirit Of The Game Boy Printer Lives On Thanks To Fujifilm And Your Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Life

Print your memories...

Print your memories

Source: Nintendo Life - Nintendo Life

Publish: 22 Apr 2021 08:30:00

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